October 23, 2010

#7 Dread of the Grave

I know I post these kind of entries every now and then, but we at Trinity Translations are pretty much alive and kickin', just that some of us are working on fan-fics or moving-and-wihout-Internet-connection-for-two-weeks and that's why we had a small break.

But we're working in how to compensate you guys. How about a Crimsom Comics compillation?


It's only about one of the coolest scenes in One Piece...

I've got a couple of links I would like to share.

First, LittleWhiteButterflies translated "Lucy+", a Comiket78 doujin by GUST. It was on our "To-Do" list (somewhat down, actually), but they made an spectacular job, so...


Download Links can be found at their main site.

Second, Genesis Translations just restarted at Blogspot! They're very skilled, so be sure to check their site. And they started out with a bang, an Ishikei doujin of Strawberry 100%


Pick your copy at their entry.

See ya!