December 24, 2010

Release 20: Eva-nyan Goranshin 2

Another release?!

Damn right, another release!

As a Christmas present of sorts, Trinity Translations presents a Negima! Gambler Club doujin, in which Negi's night activities with Asuna result in him getting more night activities with Chachamaru and Eva (lucky bastard... dohohoho)

Our Cleaner Neko packed some extras with this doujin too!

Happy Holidays!


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December 17, 2010

Release 19: A+Ariadne

Hey everyone!

December has been a very active month for us, uh? We hope you all enjoy it!

We got WAY past due with this release, sorry!

So past due, in fact, that we needed an outsider Translator for this! Enter Brolen Translations!

Yes, GUST may not have a soul-searching plot on their doujins, but a good fap is a good fap nonetheless.

By the way, there WERE scans of this already. But I decided a re-scan would be fitting (I'm a maniac, I know...).


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December 11, 2010

Release 18: Hakurei Reimu

And we hit another milestone at Trinity Translations! This time, our first collaboration at translating!

We worked with Genesis Translations to bring this short, but enjoyable Touhou doujin.

Come to think, this IS our first Touhou doujin too!


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December 10, 2010

Release 17: Star of Africa

For today's release, Trinity Translations Team's Cleaner (Neko Arcuied Brunestud) re-translates Star of Africa, a non-H Strike Witches doujin in which the serious side of the story is developed as the war against Neuroi escalates.

War is hell et al.

Originally released by legendary translator Dan Kanemitsu, Neko was concerned about the bi-lingual nature of the previous work. I think he did a great job as Editor. And don't miss the "Diary of Africa", included in this story (translated by Baka-Tsuki)


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November 20, 2010

Release 16: Voyage

Hello everyone! Your friendly neighborhood Translations Team is back! And we got something to compensate for the lost time. Because we love you guys!

106 pages by super-star circle Crimson Comics telling us another side of Nami's past, before she joined the Straw Hats.

Neko and N04h made an amazing job, and I got a new Program that makes Typesetting easy as pie too! This Release is truly a milestone at Trinity!


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October 23, 2010

#7 Dread of the Grave

I know I post these kind of entries every now and then, but we at Trinity Translations are pretty much alive and kickin', just that some of us are working on fan-fics or moving-and-wihout-Internet-connection-for-two-weeks and that's why we had a small break.

But we're working in how to compensate you guys. How about a Crimsom Comics compillation?

It's only about one of the coolest scenes in One Piece...

I've got a couple of links I would like to share.

First, LittleWhiteButterflies translated "Lucy+", a Comiket78 doujin by GUST. It was on our "To-Do" list (somewhat down, actually), but they made an spectacular job, so...

Download Links can be found at their main site.

Second, Genesis Translations just restarted at Blogspot! They're very skilled, so be sure to check their site. And they started out with a bang, an Ishikei doujin of Strawberry 100%

Pick your copy at their entry.

See ya!

September 21, 2010

Release 15: Negi-Sensei to Kenja no Buruma

For a new release, we present an old Negima doujin by popular-artist/rumored-mangaka BigBoss. A good intention of Yue takes a turn for the erotic when magical bloomers designed to boost physical abilities make the wearers sex machines.

Not that the Mahora girls aren´t already a bit of a perv...

Negi gets buttsex, taken home and bangs 5 girls. All in a day's work for the kid.

Come to think, having sex IS a physical boost...


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September 8, 2010

#6 And we're back!

Hello everyone! How ya doing?

After a well-earned rest, the Team is back for some more Translating, and we have a preview of our current project.

Actually, this was what we were working on before Comiket 78...


By the way, I want to take some time and thank our Team's Cleaner, Neko Arcueid Brunestud, for the amazing job he does. You may not have noticed it at our previous release (mostly because of me typesetting all over the place), but Neko is quite an skilled and dedicated Cleaner, and he will spend as much time as it takes to have a page done to perfection.

AND he's a quite capable Typesetter too. Here's a small Strike Witches doujin he helped Anon at 4chan to Translate. Add a good understanding of Japanese and he's an all-around tier!

And that's why Barkhorn isn't allowed anywhere near the fridge.

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Stay tuned, fellas! We're back at work!

August 26, 2010

Release 14: Yui Hirasawa's That is It

Hey y'all. Trinity Translation's 14th release is the long-awaited "Yui Hirasawa's That is It", from Comiket 78. Once again, Takotsuboya tells a powerful story, and this time we learn of Azusa's and Ui's viewpoint.

Thanks for your preference and trust in our team for the Release.
We went back to Arial for the doujin to "fit" with the previous releases.

Neko really did break his a$$ with this release. A round of applouse to our Cleaner!


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By the way, the previous works of Takotsuboya's K-On! Series can be found here. Thanks for your comments!

Mambiki JK Sei K-On Bu

Requiem 5 a Dream

August 19, 2010

#5 Comiket 78

Hey ya all. You guys enjoyed Comiket 78? Scans of new doujins are flowing in nicely and several Translators are working over-time to please fans.

We at Trinity Translations are no exception, and here's a sneak peek of our next release.
The long-awaited conclusion of the K-on! series of doujins comes out at the same time K-on! is about to end. Irony? Or fate?

This doujin is quite the hard nut to crack: cleaning is taking its time, and like the previous Takotsuboya works, its very dialogue-heavy.

Stay tuned for the release!

August 4, 2010

Release 13: Candy Trip + Extras

New month, new relase. This time, a Negima doujin with no Negi at all! Kotaro takes the main stage as he tries to satisfy two of his roomates.

You know, I always thought having dog's luck was a bad thing...

Notice our new, dynamic font?

Neko kindly provided a couple of Extra pages for all the fans of Artic Pan.

EDIT: A minor addition was added to certain page. Nothing major, but we felt it was necessary.


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July 26, 2010

#4 N04h's Translations

What? We're posting something even if we released only a couple of days ago? Nothing to worry about! This special entry is focused on a member of our Team: Script Provider N04h

Before joining Trinity Translations Team, N04h was a pretty kick-ass translator on his own, working and releasing mostly for e-hentai ( Here's a gallery of his previous works, download links included.


Series: Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu


By: Noritama


Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Name: 1999 Only Aska

By: Asanagi Aoi


Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Name: More! 2

By: Kohakutei


Series: Nagasarete Airantou

Name: Island X Island

By: The Flyers + Wireframe


Series: Street Fighter

Name: Fight for the no future


Series: Super Smash Bros.

Name: Double Princesses

By: Shallot Coco


Series: Utawarerumono

Name: How about Aruru once in a while

By: Matsumoto Drill Kenkyuujo


Series: King of Fighters

Name: Yuri & Friends 2001

By: Saigado


Series: Original

Name: Ecchi na Maid-san


Woah, talk about varying tastes...

Be sure to drop by his Blog too!

And now, an exclusive preview of our current work!

Walk into bathroom, see this. What do?

See ya in the funnies!