December 10, 2010

Release 17: Star of Africa

For today's release, Trinity Translations Team's Cleaner (Neko Arcuied Brunestud) re-translates Star of Africa, a non-H Strike Witches doujin in which the serious side of the story is developed as the war against Neuroi escalates.

War is hell et al.

Originally released by legendary translator Dan Kanemitsu, Neko was concerned about the bi-lingual nature of the previous work. I think he did a great job as Editor. And don't miss the "Diary of Africa", included in this story (translated by Baka-Tsuki)


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  1. Great work on this - many thanks .

  2. Thanks for translating this. Losers on FAKKU ungrateful as usual, but let it be known that some of us read for story, not for the fornication.

  3. To each their own, as they say, right?

    I liked the story too.