March 21, 2010

Release 5: APH-K3

Hata's deal with N04h as script provider included helping with TWO doujins. This other GUST doujin was the second one.

Before finishing working, Phantom Renegade offered N04h a permanent spot on the team, which he accepted.

Now that the team had a stable Typesetter and Script Provider, there was only one piece missing...

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GUST is well known as a "Hate it or Love it" author. The Team's politic is that each release is chosen by a member, and Phantom is on the "love it" side...


Release 4: H of SOS

Sorry for the small break. Let's continue with the History lesson.

Unexpectedly, Kyuu left the team. He stopped answering messages and mails and for a long time the team's activity came to a full stop.

But it was thanks to Hata (from the Aquastar Forums) that Phantom Renegade was able to contact N04h, an independant translator sometimes-colaborator from, who agreed to help provide scripts for doujins if he had the time to do so.

And thanks to Hata's coordination, Trinity Translations returned, this time with n04h providing scripts and Phantom as cleaner and typesetter.

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H of SOS is a breakthrough on itself. Not only is the first Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu doujin made by GUST, but also the first of the series the team worked on. In fact, in the first team, it was a non-official pact that the group would only do Negima! doujins (since they're so many and so few have been translated)