March 21, 2010

Release 5: APH-K3

Hata's deal with N04h as script provider included helping with TWO doujins. This other GUST doujin was the second one.

Before finishing working, Phantom Renegade offered N04h a permanent spot on the team, which he accepted.

Now that the team had a stable Typesetter and Script Provider, there was only one piece missing...

free image host free image host free image host

GUST is well known as a "Hate it or Love it" author. The Team's politic is that each release is chosen by a member, and Phantom is on the "love it" side...



  1. Umm... do you take requests? There's another GUST Negima doujin that hasn't been translated... like, ever. It's called "A+665", and I have the link here...

    So, if you do take requests, could you do this one please?

  2. We have been thinking to do that one, but unfortunately we have three or four projects already planned. Sorry