February 23, 2010

Release 3: Jet Stream Attack

As the Team continued to know each other, Kyuu provided a new script at Phantom's request (Neko's computer crashed and he was unable to help in this work). So this time, Phantom Renegade was the only typesetter.

"Jet Stream Attack" is yet another BigBoss doujin about Negima! series (there's a rumor the doujin artist is actually Ken Akamatsu himself...)

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The idea that the Team would translate only Negima! doujins was floating in the air, but unfortunately...




February 18, 2010

Release 2: Chao Bao Zi

After the success of Negimaru 5, the Team noticed the good sync they had between each other, and Phantom asked Kyuu if he was willing to work on a new script.

But Neko's computer had an accident that left him out of the game, so joining in the task of Typesetting, Phantom did his best with what he had (Paint, mostly...)

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"Chao Bao Zi" is another popular doujin by BigBoss that, despite being on the web for a long time, had not been translated before.

(By the way, this story-like entries will end once we reach the current project.)




February 17, 2010

Release 1: Negimaru 5

Once upon a time, there was a member of HentaiPalm forums called Kyuukutseki, who saw that, despite translations existed for the first four books, there was no translation for "Negimaru 5", the conclusion of the doujin series "Negimaru", from Studio Kimigabuchi.

So he proposed to make a translation from it. He was well-versed in Japanese and had an script of it ready, but to his shame, he lacked the skills for type-setting and cleaning.

Phantom Renegade, seeing how a translation of the doujin would be welcomed, asked in several places for someone with the skills-and willing- for such task. His search lead him to ask in other forum, the Aquastar's Negima Forum. There, fellow member Neko_Arc bravely answered the call of arms.

And the team was born.

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Neko's skills are obvious when one looks at the Internet Posts in the doujin. That's dedication!





#2 What is Trinity Translations Team?

Trinity Translations Team is a doujin (Japanese Fan-made books) translating team.

We do NOT claim property of the artworks, but we help fans who don't read Japanese understand the doujins. And we DO encourage buying the original works (it's totally worth it, albeit this can prove quite a challenge).

Trinity Translations Team has had several members throughout its story, and we will introduce them as entries progress. But overall, the team was created as a cooperation between HentaiPalm Forums' members and Aquastar Forums' members.

We hope you enjoy reading our works as much as we like translating. You know, from fans to fans and all that.

Release 0: IF Code 02

Our team's first release...

Well, we were NOT a team per se, but with the help of millionknives from the AQS forums (more on that in the next entry) and a Spanish translation of this Doujin, we were able to make an English Translation of it, which made ALL the IF Code doujin series by BigBoss translated to English.

Every journey starts with a step, uh?

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If I could actually remember the name of the Team responsible for the Spanish Translation, I would thank them so much...

DOWNLOAD LINKS (guess I'll upload to different sites, since not everyone likes the same site...)



#1 Welcome to Trinity Translations Team!

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the new homepage of Trinity Translations Team! Here you can download the Team's releases, comment about them and know about the various members this team has had.

We hope you enjoy our work!