February 17, 2010

Release 0: IF Code 02

Our team's first release...

Well, we were NOT a team per se, but with the help of millionknives from the AQS forums (more on that in the next entry) and a Spanish translation of this Doujin, we were able to make an English Translation of it, which made ALL the IF Code doujin series by BigBoss translated to English.

Every journey starts with a step, uh?

free image host free image host free image host

If I could actually remember the name of the Team responsible for the Spanish Translation, I would thank them so much...

DOWNLOAD LINKS (guess I'll upload to different sites, since not everyone likes the same site...)



1 comment:

  1. Know it's well past due, but thanks for helping finish what Yuecchi started with if CODE 01 back in the day. That, and who could resist this Secchan seasoned offering?

    Now maybe should you tackle the 'lustful bloomers' doujin next, things would be golden....