February 17, 2010

Release 1: Negimaru 5

Once upon a time, there was a member of HentaiPalm forums called Kyuukutseki, who saw that, despite translations existed for the first four books, there was no translation for "Negimaru 5", the conclusion of the doujin series "Negimaru", from Studio Kimigabuchi.

So he proposed to make a translation from it. He was well-versed in Japanese and had an script of it ready, but to his shame, he lacked the skills for type-setting and cleaning.

Phantom Renegade, seeing how a translation of the doujin would be welcomed, asked in several places for someone with the skills-and willing- for such task. His search lead him to ask in other forum, the Aquastar's Negima Forum. There, fellow member Neko_Arc bravely answered the call of arms.

And the team was born.

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Neko's skills are obvious when one looks at the Internet Posts in the doujin. That's dedication!





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