December 17, 2010

Release 19: A+Ariadne

Hey everyone!

December has been a very active month for us, uh? We hope you all enjoy it!

We got WAY past due with this release, sorry!

So past due, in fact, that we needed an outsider Translator for this! Enter Brolen Translations!

Yes, GUST may not have a soul-searching plot on their doujins, but a good fap is a good fap nonetheless.

By the way, there WERE scans of this already. But I decided a re-scan would be fitting (I'm a maniac, I know...).


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FAKKU! Gallery


  1. You're awesome! thanks a LOT! I was waiting for this translated since it was released xD

  2. Woot, MacHentai goodies :) Desperate the same, but if you liked it once, no matter how reluctant, you know you'll like it again ^^

    Thanks a lot for the release, guys ! :)

  3. Latest Doujin-Moe update put this in their paysection. I'd be pretty pissed.

  4. Thanks for your concern. Having a Translation of us reach such a big-league site like Doujin.Moe (they ARE famous, big-time) means we're doing our job right.

    Actually, we talked about this as a Group (it's not the first time Doujin.Moe does the "publish a free release on the pay-for site"), and came to the conclusion that if people is not capable enough of finding something for free, they can always use the payment option.

    We do, however, encourage the site to use the Credits Page, so people can know of this Group.

    Trinity Translations posts the releases at a bunch of places, all of them free of charge, so it's kinda a waste to pay. And we Translate because we want to, not because we're coherced by a company/group to do so.

  5. DM is notorious for deleting credits, especially those in the paysection where groups can't check.

    And I don't think it's about 'doing your job' right - more like they think you're easy prey for them to rip off because you can't do much about it. They always pick the lesser-known groups for this kind of shit.

    If they posted it for free, shit. You could argue that people can freely read it there, giving your group publicity, but what they do is nothing more than making money off other people's work by selling it to nimkompoops, and truth be told, the community is full of those.

    Doujin-Moe is basically built on greed, thievery, lies and deceit. All they do has the purpose of giving Raikoh maximum profit, shit like that has no place anywhere in this community.

    Sorry if I seem so worked up about this, no offense to you guys. You do an awesome job.

  6. Hey, can you translate this new Gust doujin PLEASE! T_T

    I'm the biggest fan of this artist, and I want to have every of his works translated (I have almost all of them now)

    So, if you want I can join your team and help with anything I can, (except translating from japanese, obvously)

    Thanks again for your nice work =)

  7. Actually, I´ve already cleaned the C79 GUST doujins and I'm only waiting for a Translator...

    I know, I know, it's GUST so dialogues are not groundbreaking, but there are many lines I can't do myself.