May 7, 2010

Release 8: Mambiki JK Sei K-ON Bu

Because of the incredible reception "Requiem 5 A Dream" had, we decided to do this doujin. "Mambiki JK Sei K-On Bu" is the prequel of Requiem 5, and it explains some stuff left out in the other doujin.

If you liked Takotsuboya's style, you'll love this. It has more sex scenes, but like last time, shows what reality could do to the K-ON.

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You know, "exhibitionism acts" comes up short to what Mugi did there. I gotta warn readers, if not for it being only one panel, this would have the "Scat" tag...

That took a while... We hope you all enjoy the read. Also, anyone else enjoyed the Store Manager was the same guy Kaiji deals a lot with?

Thanks to N04h for noticing a few number-related mistakes.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It goes to show that hentai doujin can have a great story with sex to compliment it and not just as an excuse for it.

  2. WOW!!!!!!!!

    amazing guys!

    I was so lucky to find both Reqiem 5 A Dream and its sequel scanlated! (just finished yesterday ahaha)


  3. Uhm, how was this story realistic or "good"? The sequel was at least believable but this was just so retarded.

  4. Hai guys, what goi-

    OH MY GOD ;_;

  5. Many thanks for this release, going straight to my "favorite reads" folder.

  6. I really wonder what goes through the head of those otaku artists when they draw those doujins.

    It's a place where I rather don't want to be.

    The story is screwed up in so many levels, the girls at the end even APOLOGIZE after being raped. I mean what the hell? This isn't something I can fap too!

  7. Scat means poop it has nothing to do with blood, what the fuck.

  8. @anon

    You're right. My bad. Corrected.

  9. Hey guys, the final sequel of this doujin "THAT IS IT" is out, you guys will be doing this right? Right?

  10. That's for sure a place i don't wanna be in.