May 2, 2010


I just want to let everyone know the Team is still active. We're currently typesetting our next release, but here's a little tease for the "Requiem 5 a Dream" fans.

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The script and cleaning is complete, but I can't say an specific release date. Please be patient.

@as363 There IS a sequel of sorts of Strawberry Mahora. It's not a 02 per se, but it's from the same author and has the same style. Neko (our team's editor), has yet to scan it, but here's the cover:

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It is called "Daisuki to Yuyori Taisetsu na". Be sure to check Aquastar Forums or HentaiPalm for the scan.

Thanks for your comments, everyone!

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  1. just commenting to let you all know that I'm patiently aawiting this release