May 24, 2010

Release 9: A+665

We present another doujin by GUST. It's the usual "LOL Sex" story the author uses, but it's still a pretty damn popular doujin.

Ayaka is love. Plain and simple.

Thanks for your comments, and we hope to see you soon!



  1. Hey, Trinity guys, thanks a lot ^_^

    I don't know how you would react to this, but are you open to constructive criticism ?

    I don't see how to say it without taking the risk to look impolite or arrogant, I insist, that's not the case, I'm just trying to help ! If you're open to suggestions to release even better stuff, I hope this comment will be helpful :)


    Here's what I've had on my mind : honestly, the scans weren't terrible, most likely because of the paper to begin with, but it wouldn't have been too hard to fix the final pictures - as soon as you have the proper tools for that.

    I don't know what tools for photoshop exist (there certainly are), however, as a Gimp user, I can tell you that the extension called GMIC Toolbox works wonders, especially the Bilateral Filtering filter included with the GMIC Toolbox.
    This bilateral filtering is especially helpful against this precise case of poor picture quality because of the paper.

    Do you want an illustration ?

    - I took my version of this doujin (it's a resized version at 2000 px of height, my torrents source is mostly composed of people hostile to super-high res, I should have taken your version first, too bad).
    - I made a very small levels correction (mostly to fight the grays, enhancing both whites and blacks by a few points).
    - Then, GMIC Toolbox > Bilateral Filtering (two passes).

    And here are the results, first your version, then the updated version :

    What do you think of it ?

    If you're gimp users, then I strongly encourage you to give this tool a try, if you're photoshop users, well, I'm certain that PS can already do it ten times better - sigh.

    Take care, and thanks a LOT for this very pleasant negima translation ^_^


  2. Hmm, I'm not that experienced in scanning but IMO the cause of these artifacts is that the RAW provider didn't activate the descreening option...

    However, impressive results Oliver; I'll have to look into this toolbox you mentioned. Paint Shop Pro has a "Edge preserving smooth" filter, but it cannot eliminate the color banding in this case. Do you plan to share your cleaned version on your site?

    Many thanks to the translator and editor of this release; while I usually prefer my hentai to have some plot, sometimes just mindless sex is good too.

  3. Yeah, I've gotten lazy recently (spending time reading, family, playing nintendo64 emulator), but I'll still share my improved version.

    However, I didn't work on the full res pictures, and I'm too lazy to start from scratch again - I can't program gimp operations as a batch operation, I have to work on each picture one by one, it's too much time consuming.

    FYI, here is the URL for the extension I mentioned, it's not natively present inside the Gimp :

    And now, I'm back to hunting stars in Mario64, and then I'll post todays shares ^^

  4. @Oliver
    Thanks for the scanning tips. I just experimented on the Epson Scanner program I use to scan and found the Filtering option. Needless to say, there's quite the difference (both in Quality and File Size) between Filtered and Not Filtered, and it's something I'll use from now on.

    A Torrent for this Release has been created already? Nice.


    As the Credits Page say, I was the RAW provider, and as said above, from now on I'll scan with the filtering option.

    Unfortunately to have the perfectly clean Scans I would have to debind the doujins. Fortunately, Neko is a very good cleaner, and he took care of most of the grey borders.


  6. Gotta love the "Gust" - thanks for the post.

  7. thanks for another awesom tranlation but how bout o for 2 and tranlate the sai min color one as well. yer the only dude who does it best but yer the translater so it's intirely up to you thanks again

  8. I'm working on translating a to love ru doujin [url=][/url] ] and I don't know if it's been cleaned or not, but there's some kanji that's giving me problems, and I'd like to confer with NO4h on the kanji, because it's a little fuzzy...
    e-mail me at if NO4h is interested, or knows of another translator who may be able to help me out.