August 4, 2010

Release 13: Candy Trip + Extras

New month, new relase. This time, a Negima doujin with no Negi at all! Kotaro takes the main stage as he tries to satisfy two of his roomates.

You know, I always thought having dog's luck was a bad thing...

Notice our new, dynamic font?

Neko kindly provided a couple of Extra pages for all the fans of Artic Pan.

EDIT: A minor addition was added to certain page. Nothing major, but we felt it was necessary.


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  1. As a GUST fan, I'm curious- any plans on translating A+Ariadne?

  2. Unfortunately there are several things on our Team's table at the moment. If no one picks the C78's GUST doujins, we would love to translate them. However, we have a couple of queued projects already.