August 19, 2010

#5 Comiket 78

Hey ya all. You guys enjoyed Comiket 78? Scans of new doujins are flowing in nicely and several Translators are working over-time to please fans.

We at Trinity Translations are no exception, and here's a sneak peek of our next release.
The long-awaited conclusion of the K-on! series of doujins comes out at the same time K-on! is about to end. Irony? Or fate?

This doujin is quite the hard nut to crack: cleaning is taking its time, and like the previous Takotsuboya works, its very dialogue-heavy.

Stay tuned for the release!


  1. Thanks for the preview, will wait with bated breath.

  2. Oh man I'm such a glutton for punishment. In spite of how depressing this series is and how it's ruining my view on the K-ON series, I still want more. Thanks for all the hard work translating this.

  3. This is very seriously one of my favorite doujinshi in recent memory. Takotsuboya is one interesting circle, can't wait to find more of their works.
    Thank you for your time and effort on these releases.