July 10, 2010

Release 11: Sai-Min Color

Trinity Translations is still standing strong, with a new release for all the GUST fans! "Sai-Min Color" was the other doujin released last Comiket, and it gives a whole new meaning to the expression "Talk Dirty to Me".

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

Now, THESE are doubles I would be proud of getting [/4chan meme]

We also worked on the "Filtering" detail Oliver mentioned in the Comments of "A+665", and man, was the quality different. Thanks for the tip dude! *thumbs up*





  1. Hey, thanks a lot for the new release !

    Am I right in guessing the "dialogues challenge" in this doujin made your job spectacularly easier ? ^_^
    Dick dick dick cock cock cock, I first wondered if you weren't trying to make a l33t joke :D

    As for the filtering suggestion, well, I'm glad it helped, your share looks SO much better than a+665 !

    *takes a break because of an idea, comes back five minutes later*

    Are you open for another suggestion ? The thing is, I discovered another useful thing since the last time, it could be used here.

    The background behind my idea : I've been training myself to use photoshop since that last time, the discovery of batch operations is a revolution for me, I'm now occasionally batch-reprocessing the hentai mangas and doujinshi I download, just in the name of keeping them in my favorite picture settings.

    In this regard, after reading this doujin, I think you can relatively easily elimine some picture remnants from the backpage seen by transparency.
    It would also fight the "grayish" feeling caused by the paper itself.

    Look at that, cf especially the upper-right corner :
    (initial version)
    (levels + surface blur)

    It simply took a levels correction (more whites, a bit more darks) and a weak surface blur (5-10) to cover up occasional strong contrasts because of the levels.

    I think it doesn't look bad, I'll keep my version reprocessed like that on my had disk ^^

    Tl;dr, sorry I always end up writing arm-long essays -_-

    In summary : thanks a lot again, guys, you made a Gust fan happy again :D


  2. very nice, guys! keep it up ^^