February 11, 2011

Release 25: Chiccha na Bishoujo Senshi

Woah, this is not something we normally Translate, but what gives. A short Chibiusa doujin where a mysterious monster does what mysterious monster do in this line of business.


So, yeah...


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  1. You guys really need a filename format it doesn't *really* matter what it is but when you release files as done.rar it does nobody any favors, your group included. How do you expect your editor to find it again once it is taken down? How do you expect downloaders to find it? Pick a format and stick to it for all your translations.

    Popular solutions are [groupname] artist - title (+/-english).rar, [Groupname] title by artst (+/-english).rar, and my preferred [artist] title (groupname) (+/-english).rar

  2. *facepalm*

    I didn't upload it, so I had no idea it was called like that.

    Will add a Megauload link with proper naming, here at Trinity we do care about that stuff (and signed a "Rules for naming Releases" thing).

  3. Haha no problem. Yelling at your editor works equally.

  4. Any possibility of fixing the links? :) Thanks!