March 6, 2011

Release 30: Dear My Little Witches

Let's change the pace of our previous releases with a Negima! doujin with a more relaxed visual style. Nodoka tries to train to have a better relationship with Negi and asks Yue for help, but the idea soon backfires.

I really admire Neko's Cleaning skills. I would never be able to pull something like this.

Neko packed this one with lots of extras, too!


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  1. I love your Negima! Tranlsations and you do a very nice job! Is it possible that you could translate the Colorful Mahora Series by Happy Water/Kizaki Yuuri? I've yet to see a translation of it and it'd be epic if you did it!

  2. We're very happy you like our work, but unfortunately the Colorfula Mahora! doujins are a very hard pill to swallow when it comes to Cleaning them.

    Neko is currently working on Colorful Mahora! 1, but it will take time.

  3. their's something wrong with e-hentai link I just keep getting a sad panda, it also said your gallery pining for the fjords on the website or something

  4. Ah, yes... unfortunately e-hentai can't officialy host Loli content, so they use their "ex-hentai" site. But to actually browse ex-hentai you need membership at e-hentai.

    Memberships are completely free, so I guess it's just they making a walk-around.

  5. All the links are dead and since yours is the only translation available, it kind of sucks =/

  6. At ANY moment, if a link is down, report it. I've got copies of ALL our Releases.

    Actually, I was suppoused to do a backlog in another host, but kinda forgot about it...

    I'll get to it soon.