June 4, 2011

Release 48: To Aru Kinsho no Shikisai

What is this? Comiket is pretty far away and we're doing new GUST doujins?

Looks like GUST didn't take the Japanese Ban on Manga lightly, and in return he released two new Toranoana-exclusive doujins last April.

Not so exclusive anymore, uh?

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

I wish my AXE deodorant was this effective...

Doitsujin (doitsujin.trans@gmail.com) was responsible for this Translation.


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And in case you're interested in the RAW, we have that one too!

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  1. OMG! This was very short... but I'm a loyal GUST fan so... it's ok :D

    Thanks a lot for your work T.T.T. ;)

  2. ^ i second that. nice work guys cant wait for to love ru bon and Orufurukara ^_^

  3. Excuse me, but the Axe deodorant IS as effective as that, at least for me. You probably don't know how to make it work, try again ! ;)

    Thanks a lot for the new release, guys ^_^

    A note about the scans, could you try something with that set ? Throw any of the pictures into Photoshop, and do Filter > Blur > Surface Blur, and just adjust two settings, Radius = 5 and Threshold = 5.
    Perform that filter 3 times.
    You should see it got rid of all the "grid" picture defects coming from the paper/scanner, while preserving the rest of the details :)
    I hope that remark doesn't sound pretentious!, it's just that I'm willing to help, and not everyone knows the magic a finely configured Surface Blur can achieve :)

  4. ToLoveRuBON and DDBON are 16 pages long too. It surprised me too, but they're very good doujins, IMO.

    ...Except DDBON will be sold 'til June 15...


    Tried the Surface Blur thing on the new ToLoveRuBON scans, and it looks pretty good. Thanks for the tip.

    (Though I use Paint.NET, not Photoshop)

  5. You're welcome, Phantom Renegade :)

    One warning, though, better pile up one after the other a number of weak surface blurs, rather than throw one strong one.
    The lines may come to disappear with a strong Surface Blur.

    E.g. in the present doujin, the blushing lines on the cheeks of the girls were preserved with 3 weak surface blurs, but had almost vanished with a strong surface blur, even though the two operations had the same success in removing the scanning artefacts.

    I can't really explain why, I'm discovering along random experiments :)