May 25, 2012

Release 158: Colorful Mahora! 5

Even if Negima may not be over yet, the HAPPY WATER's series of doujins is.

The "Love Love with Negi-kun Project" continues with more participants!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Actually, there's more Negima material by Happy Water -- a compilation that appears to add a few more scenes, like a "Mana & Ku Fei sandwich".

    Link to previews:!-Soushuuhen-Plus/

  2. Aye, both Neko and me have the book, but because of it's Paperback nature, we're against Scanning it. Hopefully some charitative soul on the Internet will bite the bullet for us (we've already talked we would gladly Translate the extra pages)

    1. Ouch. Man, that sucks. I suppose that explains why you didn't do the rest of the Negimatic series, either?

    2. Actually, that one's because we've felt more motivated for different projects, like the Strike Witches Tankoubon or various kinds of CGs. I'm not ruling out Negima projects in the future, just that they might take a while.

  3. I love your work. You are awesome. I was wondering if whenever you have the time to look at these 3 titles to translate.
    1 Shikima sensei negi nuki! 8 (negima)
    2 Ai Ai Nagase-san (negima)
    3. Gold green (sailor Moon, but mainly Jupiter)
    Thank you

  4. The Negima ones look pretty good (the St Rio one has been on my mind for a while). Thanks for the suggestions