July 6, 2012

Release 174: The Towering Inferno

Labeled as "insecure", NERV staff were evicted. But during the moving, Asuka and Shinji have some private time, which ends up endangering everyone's lives!

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This is part of a series, let us know if you want the rest of them.

Many a thanks to Neko Arcueid Brunestud for the joined cover.


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  1. Of course!
    we DO WANT the rest of them!!!

  2. AWESOME, I was howling with laughter, fully enjoying the show. Keele, cheering for missionary ! Ikari, suggesting a lottery and losing it ! Awesome :D

    Please, oh please, my beloved scanlators, can we have the rest ? :D

  3. What? Could someone explain what just happened? It's like a drive-by plot. Anyway at least this is honest about not making any sense, so please continue.

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  4. Simple...

    1. Nerf base is proven structurally unsafe, the staff have to move to Osaka.

    2. Shinji & Asuka can't be bothered with packing so go hide then fuck.

    3. Their movements cause an earthquake which makes the building collapse.

  5. Very Good, would love to see the rest.

  6. I and I`m sure a lot of others would like to see the rest of TnT`s NGE doujins translated if only to figure out whats actually going on in some of the later ones.