December 5, 2012

#17 Hiatus explanation

There are several advantages at being a small team: better communication, commitment, everyone gets to work on something they like...

But there are also disadvatages, and one of the biggest is that if a person goes MIA or is unavailable, the entire Team stops.

This is pretty much what happened to Trinity Translations Team. I have been SO busy with Real Life stuff that the group's work has pretty much come to a pause, much to my teammates' dismay.

Dear visitor, SO sorry you haven't got new Translations. My business in real life is almost done and we'll get back to business ASAP.


  1. I need an editor... ;_; Hook me up with one with your connections, Phantom.

    1. See the list of editors here:

  2. We all have real world lives, keep going, we can wait a little longer.
    ... And thank you for every gift you have post here.

    Long Life and success.

    - Lightening Shadow -