March 27, 2013

Release 236: es to Tonari no Heya

The awaited sequel to fan favourite Release, we have a new chapter of the daily life of Tomoko and her panties-lover boss.

I really hope there are more chapters to come!



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This was Translated by now-free Translator Red Vodka. Check his blog for more Releases!


  1. Red Vodka directed me here, so I guess I'll ask...erm, here.

    Once again, thanks so much for all your work. It's seriously great to be able to read this stuff in English. Still, I have a small question about the release--it's not much of a problem, I'm just a little curious: what happened to the file size? ~150 MB is pretty big for 37 BW pages, and a lot bigger than ~44 MB for the raw, which is higher res, too. It seems like a large jump to me, but then again, I'm not all that familiar with editing, etc. Just kind of curious, don't take it as any sort of attack or anything since it's not a real problem.

    Thanks again!

  2. Same file size question here.

  3. Thank you and Red Vodka for this release, hoping it's just as good as the first chapter.

  4. "...I really hope there are more chapters to come!"

    i do too

  5. Awesome. Many thanx guys.

  6. Here's a smaller version:

    Same quality, but the b&w images have been grayscaled since 8-bpp is more than enough for 2d b&w images. 24-bpp is overkill.

  7. I was the Editor of the project, and finally I can sit and answer your questions, sorry for taking so long.

    @bh, while the RAW was 37 MB, images were on JPG, which would cause quality loss over time. After Neko Arcueid Cleaned it, I changed the images to PNG, which increased the file size a bit.

    This can easily be solved by Leveling (playing with the blacks and whites) of the doujin a bit, but unfortunately I forgot to do that. For some people MB size is no problem, so I didn't push the issue further.

    Sorry for anyone who had any inconvenience.