January 10, 2014

Release 258: es to es

The third part of the "es to" series is here!

After a night of passion, Ryouji (the male main character) finds out Tomoko (his girlfriend) likes cute underwear, so he decides to try some for himself. Maybe too cute for a man to wear...

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Collab with Red Vodka's Translations


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  1. Alright a 3rd chapter to this series! Thank you TTT and Red Vodka. I did notice one slight spelling mistake if you're interested. On Page 12 Top Right Bubble it says, "Why tdidn't you tell me?!" Obviously the "t" in front of "didn't" shouldn't be there.

  2. I have never been so glad to see a hentai update in my whole life

    Thanks a lot ^^

  3. Very nice, thanks for this!

    As an aside, though, 1660x2400 and 150MB does seem a little bit like overkill for most of us. Any chance of a resized version?

  4. Yes, since disks are no longer becoming bigger by the year I wish people stopped scanning books at ever-increasing resolutions.
    Saving monochrome images as RGB PNG makes them 3x bigger for exactly zero benefit, since it allocates space for the 3 color channels that are empty...
    IMO greyscale is already overkill as it is, 32-entry palettes cover most cases.
    Thanks for the release.

  5. These comments are actually very important to me, thank you guys for them.

    Many people I have Collaborated with say bigger dimensions and resolutions are better for ther HD Computer Screens, no matter how heavy the files are, though I DO agree very heavy doujins are kinda annoying.

    I'll work on a lighter version of this during the rest of the weekend

  6. YES. I've been restraining myself from spamming your comment threads since this came out. Thanks so much!

  7. Do you plan to translate the fourth book? http://g.e-hentai.org/g/802708/166e746a6d/
    Please :3 The couple here is my most favorite vanilla-est stupid couple!