August 6, 2016

Release 294: Mesu Buta Seisaku Shinkouchuu R

Midori is targeted by the Hypnotist that got Aoi last doujin. What will happen to the girls?

Once again, this one was Translated by Kintox, of the e-hentai forums.

We're SO sorry for the downright shitty Scans. If somehow a better resolution shows up you can bet we will gladly do a V2 with the new Scans.


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  1. Awesome! Thanks asalways for your hard work =)! Also, doyou think you could maybe translate this SAO doujin?

    It's just that none of the usual translation teams picked it up because of the low resolution, and at this point is unlikely we will ever get a better one...

  2. That looks amazing. We'll definitely consider it