August 15, 2011

Release 72: Eva-nyan Goranshin 1

Because at Trinity Translations we still care about Negima! doujins, today we have a classic one from Gambler Club.

Two short stories about Setsuna & Konoka and Evangeline & Nagi with the common denominator being one-piece swimsuits.


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  1. Anything by Gambler Club is fine by me. Although admittedly their newer stuff is hotter in content.

  2. Maybe... but I'm not much of a fan of Pretty Cure or its variants...

    I might go for another Keroro Gunsou doujin though...

  3. I meant their newer Negima Doujins. Not really a fan of Pretty Cure either, unless it stars Erica and is drawn by Kaniya, in which case I can't get enough.

  4. Ah...

    Actually, I have to agree with you there... Too bad after 3-A-5's Grand Orgy GC seems to have dumped Negima...

    Sigh... Collette, Bea, and especially Emily... How I long to see their Magic World 'adventures' in GC style...

    The only thing I think they ever did was that picture of what REALLY happened when Asuna met Negi again at the observation platform...