August 23, 2011

Release 75: 3-A 1.5

Every now and then certain Doujin circles collect some of their works in Trade Paperbacks and offer them in great prices. These Collections more often than not come with extra chapters or art. 3-A Soushuuhen vol.1 by Gambler Club collected 3-A, 3-A 2 and Eva-nyan Goranshin 1 (the last one Translated by your friendly neighbourhood Translations Team), and included this extra chapter called "3-A 1.5", which deals with Negi's "accepteance" of banging her students.

And now, some comments from our Team's Cleaner and this doujin Scanner Neko Arcueid Brunestud:

Let me make sure this is clear to everyone; we have a raw of the collectted volume 3-A-1.5 came from, but it was put together out of the raws for all the individual releases. We scanned and inserted pages that were changed, then included the pages that were 'removed' at the end of the volume as extras.

Now; for anyone who is interested in looking at a 'raw' of the full collected volume, it is here.

We're sorry it is a weird file name, (for anyone interested, it's, 'Three A Collection' in the Czech language,) but it was given that name long before the recent, excessively complex (in my opinion) file naming 'rules' came into effect, and I don't intend to change it.

We hope you enjoy the read.


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  1. In all honesty you don't have to follow the rules you just need to follow a format, as long as you are consistent across all your own releases nobody's really going to care.

  2. I'm sad that we didn't get any Nekane Action! I mean the image of her at the end IS nice, but doesn't quite make up for the lack of hot Sister/Cousincest!

  3. I wanted more Nekane too... at least we have her in swimsuit + glasses + school uniform + cat ears and that "No" tease...

  4. Well, it might be in Trinity's (one of these days if we ever get to it) que, but Fruits Jamma 14 (if you want Nekane action,) IS out there and easily available, for anyone interested in picking it up to scanslate...

  5. Ah I'm well aware of that one, and have it in my collection. I just simply wish she got more love then she did, she's neglected by just about everyone. On some level it's understandable since she's a minor character who only appears a little so often but still sad.

    Of course I suppose in the end she got off better then Shizuka did, no one (not even Akamatsu himself!) seems to remember she even exists. In fact I don't think she's appeared since the Kyoto trip, though I could be wrong.

  6. Now that you've finished translating this series are you going to set your sights on another series/artist of Negima doujins?

    Appreciate the good work guys. Keep it up!

  7. We have a couple of Negima projects down on the lane, but no series as a whole.