October 5, 2011

Release 84: MegaNegima

So a tech whiz, a dog girl, a hot teacher and a swordswoman walk into a bar... no wait, that's another joke.

4 vastly different characters perform sexual feats for your eyes only. And all wear glasses. Nice...

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It HAS been a while since we worked on a Negima! doujin, uh?


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  1. Wow, I think this is the first doujin ever that I've seen of these girls (minus Tsukuyomi). Good stuff. Keep up the good work!

    On a side note, you ever seen this doujin (link below) before? I mean it is a compilation of Colorful Mahora 1-5 but I'm really after the extra scenes. Any help would be appreciated.


  2. I have it. It's a pretty good work, but I can't Scan it because of the bind it has. Sorry.

    Not many images as extras, only 5 or 6 new.

  3. You guys continue to impress. Good job T3!

  4. Oh really? That's mildly disappointing. Oh well, thanks for letting me know. You ever considered translating the individual doujins? Happy Water translations are far, few, and in-between. Keep up the good work still.

  5. Colorful Mahora really needs a continuation, it's been so long since the last one came out and there's just so much more material(and by material I mean girls!) now for TEH SEX!

    Real shame about not being able to scan the collection, there maybe only a few extras but the completionist in me can't stand my collection even being slightly incomplete!

  6. I understand, man. I'm upset too when work of artists I like remains unscanned.

    We WERE going to work on the Colorful Mahora series, but Cleaning part 1 almost drove Neko insane, so we went for other projects. Maybe we'll pick them up later.