October 19, 2011

Release 88: Ura Mahou Sensei Jamma 14

This Negima! doujin is a fine example of how we at Trinity Translations take our time working on certain projects, but the end result is great (I mean, we picked this one since 3-A 1.5).

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Nekane... we didn't know you enough...


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  1. Thanks so much for this, been looking forward to it for a while. Nekane really does not get the attention she deserves, the same goes for Negi's Mother who has it even worse then poor Nekane!

  2. Thanks guys for this release. The official edition in my country is way behind at volume 14 so I don't know much about Nekane's background (she's featured in like two panels in total IIRC), but I suspect I'll be able to enjoy this doujin regardless... ^_^