December 18, 2011

Release 102: A Foolish, Drunken Wife

A new day, a new Collab with Genesis Translations. Don't worry, we have a Trinity-only Release coming right up.

A wife finds bravery in a glass of Sake. Much to her husband's dismay (or arousal, it's a pretty hot story).

Sweet Jesus, look at that booty!


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  1. "痴的(chiteki)" in this title that means "sexual""erotic"
    It is a pun of "an intellectual and good wife" in Japanese.
    The Chinese character "痴" has the meaning of "being foolish", and it also has an "ERO" meaning commonly like the word "痴態" and a "痴漢" .
    I am sorry although there is no intention which criticizes your translation, when you are offended by this indication.

  2. No problem. It's actually pretty cool of you to let us know. I'll tell the Translator your notes.

  3. this one is so extreme, nice...