December 3, 2011

Release 93: I Have A Favor to Ask, Senpai!

Genesis Translations came to us with a very nice idea: during the 31 days of December, they'll make a daily Release of very talented and popular manga artists. And in the Second Day, we were asked to help with this fantastic manga shot by Minato Fumi about owed rewards by a Senpai.


Mediafire Link

e-hentai Gallery


I know we were pretty slow during November, and we didn't even thanked the half a million hits (WE ARE VERY GRATEFUL!), but trust me when I say that December will be a VERY special month for Trinity Translations. We have some Collabs, some very cool Releases, everything paving the road for our 100th Release!


  1. Sorry if I'm a little late, but who is the artist? Where can I get more of his/her work?

  2. Artist is "Minato Fumi"

    Here are some more works of him