January 4, 2012

Release 110: Curry Today, Curry Tomorrow

Sometimes it's nice just to sit back and enjoy a good, non-H Haruhi doujin.

When Kyon breaks a promise to Yuki, all hell breaks loose.

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Collaboration with Little White Buttrflies non-H subgroup: Little Black Butterflies.


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  1. And the moral of the story?

    Don't mess with someone who can take a half-dozen javlins to the chest and not care.

  2. Awesome!
    I got this over at lbb, so the sudden change was a smack to the face (but in a good way).

    p.s. I think it would be better if you removed the "yandere" description, so to give your readers a nice little surprise. heh

  3. Holy fuck put the yandere back god I'd like at least some clue before something this twisted happens