February 9, 2012

Release 120: Eve to Love Chapters 1 - 3

So what's Trinity Translations been up to? A new Tankoubon project!

Eve to Love is Karuma Tatsurou's story of Eve, a love android who finds herself unused and forgotten. But when she wakes up in a junkyard/recycling center, her journey to find a Master begins!

Fight Eve!

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Because each chapter is oh-so short, each update will include THREE of them!


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And because of news of Negima! ending in three chapters, we now announce Trinity's way to say goodbye to the series. Check the Future Releases section for the suprise!

We may take our time, but no way we're unactive!


  1. and here i was hopeing for the negi pegging chapter by nodoka was coming because i think you did the other ones in the series and i think it was the next chapter in it too.

  2. I still can't believe Negima is ending, it's just so damn abrupt! hopefully this is some sorta elaborate troll by Ken and there's gonna be a sequel series.

  3. Many thanks guys, also looking forward to your Negima! release.

  4. Very nice chapters. I'm starting to get more excited for these tankoubons. you guys can take as long as you want, as long as you keep doing hi-quality translations I, myself, don't mind. :D

    Speaking of excited... Colorful Mahora?! Damn, you know how to surprise your followers. Then, again what's Trinity Translations without Negima? Looking forward to the release.

  5. Do you guys think you could translate K.Z.Z's "Ai Ai Nagase-san"? You were nice enough to translate his "Magisteru Mana" doujin, that I think you'd be able to do his Kaede doujin. Just like Mana, Kaede's one of the hottest girls in the series, and there aren't too many good doujins with her in it. The only other good one I know of is the Big Boss one.

  6. We have our hands full with the Colorful Mahora projects at the moment. Sorry.

    It IS a good doujin and we may work it someday, but the Eve & Love Tank and the Colorful Mahora series come first