February 26, 2012

Release 125: Sengoku Witches Honnoji no Majo

A must-read for all the Strike Witches fans out there, this Release is the culmination of Neko Arcueid Brunestud's and N04h's efforts for MONTHS!

In Ancient Japan, Oda Nobunaga's most fateful servant is Mori Ranmaru, a witch whose skills may help define Nobunaga's ambitions. But some people aren't happy with this, including someone close to Nobunaga himself!

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Non-H, but still a good read.

The reason this doujin took so long is because of the EXTRA effort Neko and N04h made. The side story is fully translated, a challenge not many people would have accepted, and even less would have completed.

Kudos, my teammates!


EDIT: Corrected some minor tweaks.

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  1. Many thanks guys, don't really know the source material but I'll now be sure to look into it.

    BTW if I were you for the next releases I'd consider getting rid of that Anime Ace font for one with a better kerning (look at the odd spacing of the A's, for example). As a suggestion, Wild Words is a longtime favorite...

    1. I try to alternate between AnimeAce and WildWords for projects. In a previous laptop I used Lafayette too, but I somehow can't fine that specific font again.