March 13, 2012

Release 127: Colorful Mahora!

WE ARE NOT DEAD YET!!! You can always check the "Future Releases" section for status progress on our projects, dear reader.

Our tribute for Negima! took forever because Cleaning it was one of Neko's hardest missions ever. Still, it was a fantastic work, nothing short of perfection is what he did.

The Baka Rangers (were they EVER called like that again?) failed their tests, and are punished by Negi acccordingly

Delicious... everyone! Happy Water made a Home Run with this one


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Look forward the rest of the series!


  1. Baka Rangers was pretty much used only once or twice in the manga, but the Negima!? anime did use it A LOT. Also maaan I can't believe Negima is really over! Jesus Christ has it really been 9 years? the ending was..."eh" not bad but really not as enjoyable as it could have been.

    Still what I wouldn't give for a proper continuation of the series to fill in all the missing blanks!

  2. Hey just want to say thanks for you translating this.

  3. The links are broken