March 14, 2012

Release 129: Lovematio Ch. 1

And Doujin-Moe's Second Release is a new Tank Project I'm helping with!

Yep, N04h's Tankoubons woke an interest in me in these kind of projects, and I feel this one's very interesting. Yahiro Pochi is a great artist... who always draws women with great backs *smirks*

First update, a double story featuring a teacher and the School's sex club (!!) and a mother with a crush on her stepson.

I won't be able to Edit ALL the chapters, but whatever I do, it gets posted here.


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  1. Hello, thank you for your translations.

    I made a banner for you. Hope you enjoy. << link banner

    I would ask if you can, you translated the book Hitozuma by Karuma (Karma) Tatsurou.

    Thanked now.

  2. Holy crap, that's one fantastic banner. We will gladly use it. Love the logo you propose.

    ... Do you have a mail account? I would like to request a couple of banners (Trinity Translations will Release lots of Yahiro Pochi in the future, but a GUST banner or an "Eve & Love" one would be awesome).

    The "Hitozuma" Tank of Karma Tatsuro was Translated by Pineapples r' us

    Delicious MILF, that's for sure.