September 16, 2012

Release 197: Bad End Peaces

In this Smile Precure! doujin, excessive confidence gets Cure Peace and her mother captured by Joker, who seeks to corrupt the Pretty Cure!

Corruption & Futanari warning.

Translated by LWB Collaborator/independant Translator rinruririn.

Special Thanks to Neko Arcueid Brunestud for his help with the insane rebuilds!


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  1. thank you, please continue to translate the doujin smile precure.

  2. thank you!!!! PLEASE translate the next ones in this series!!

  3. Looks like it!

    It actually looks like it has 2!!!

    "Bad End Beautiful Charge" with Cure Beauty facing corrupted Cure Peace.

    And "Beyond Bad End", which looks to involve Cure Beauty... Only the cover of "Beyond Bad End" has been seen, so I'm not sure if it's real or not.

    "Bad End Beautiful Charge" has preview pics online that took forever to find. But it's legit.

  4. *"Beyond Bad End", which looks to involve Cure March*

  5. I can't find anything on the web or DLSite. If you have links for the previews or somewhere people can buy it I can work my way from there.

    As long as it isn't guro or scat I'm definitely interested.

  6. Ask and you shall receive!!

    Yeah, I haven't been able to find them either.


    Preview Pics from aforementioned website:

  7. Also...

    (Beautiful Charge):

    Comiket 83 (or so it says) for #3:

  8. My bad... Posted just the cover-page link for #2 (Beautiful Charge) on Pixiv...

    Here's the one with the preview pages on Pixiv (for Beautiful Charge)...

    Hope this helps!

  9. Ahh, I see what happenned. You're mixing up artists.

    This doujin was made by Ochigan (堕ち玩).

    The doujins you're linking to are sequels to a Corruption story featuring Cure Peace, but the artist is different: Satou Kuuki (左藤空気,

    Here are the CGs. They're five parts

    They're great Corruption stories, but they aren't planned to be Translated right now.

    Last I heard of Kalevala ( was planning on Scannig those doujins, but looks like they are sold ONLY in the Comiket event, so that makes finding them quite hard.

  10. I see... Well... Hopefully Ochigan will make sequels... Sorry about the mix-up!