September 29, 2012

Release 200: Lots of Love, Boobs are for Sex Ch. 6 & 7

Our 200th Release!

In these chapters of the Handsome Aniki (Asuhiro)'s Tankoubon, a girl tries to act like CERTAIN tsundere maid and a senpai with incredible looks tries to help with a relationship.

They both try, it doesn't mean they succeed.

Between you and me, Chapter 7 was the kickstarter of this project.


Depositfile Link

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e-hentai Gallery


You can find the 5 previous chapters of this Tankoubon here. As usual, we will make a SINGLE download link with all the chapters when we're done with the Tankoubon, if you preffer.


  1. Your MF file is dead right there. You prolly should think about a torrent first, then up the MF at a later date.

  2. Both links work fine. But the Torrent idea does sound nice, especially for the four "Previous Releases" sections...

  3. Both links do not work fine. The MF link is dead - "The file you requested has been blocked for a violation of our Terms of Service."

  4. Ok, added a new Mediafire Link (funny, the other one still works for me, even in other computers) AND a Torrent file with the whole thing.

  5. Any NSFW words in the title might be causing the file to be found quickly, and taken down from public sharing. Pretty sure the Terms of Service say no porn, so you might want to label the files by release number instead.

  6. hi do you guys take requests? I have a hentai manga I'm dying to translate but I can't find the translated version anywhere on the net

  7. just found out that you guys have a whole 'bounty ' system on eh, what would you suggest is the best method of getting credits and hath?

  8. Link us to the gallery and we will consider it. We have projects planned, but there's no harm in asking.

    And to get Credits and Hath you need GP points, which you get Rating & uploading galleries. Or you can ask someone you knwo to give you some as a gift.

  9. Congratulations on your 200th release!

    I just want to say thank you very much to everyone involved in translation, QC and editing.

    I recently stumbled across Team Trinity Translation while looking for artworks from Isao, specifically MAJIMEYA SPRING 2012 which you all worked on. One thing I noticed is the VERY HIGH RESOLUTION 2500x1800 and quality. I was wondering how are you able to reproduce the image into a higher resolution without losing quality?

  10. Oh, that one's a funny story. Resolution was even higher than that. I had to reduce image sizes so it wouldn't be over 100 MB heavy. LWB Scanners tend to overkill on the size hehehehehe...

    And if you like isao, please do check our newest Release ;)