October 25, 2015

Working for the Weekend

No, I don't mean to write about the fantastic song by Loverboy, but about why we've been so slow in Releases lately. I mean, two months since our last work? Damn.

Due to various real-life compromises, I can't Typeset as much as I could before (can only do so on weekends, actually), so the group is getting slower. We're still working hard though (in fact, our Translator N04h has released more Takotsuboya's doujins which you can grab on his blog).

Our next Release is a lenghty CG for all the KanColle fans.

Hope to see you soon!


  1. Glad to see you guys are still around!

  2. When would part 2 come out? Just a rough idea would be appreciated

    1. Since this one was a massive Release it's gonna be a while. A couple of months, at least u_u

    2. No worries! Thanks for the reply and as always thank-you for the effort