April 30, 2012

Release 145: Play

April ends with a new Tear Drop Release! (You remember Tear Drop, from Release 53?)

A role-play with Iincho gets out of hand when photos get involved.

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There's a GOOD reason why a guy would enter a lingerie shop, by the way.


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  1. This series is flawless! even though I don't follow the real anime/manga, the art is perfect, the heroine is super hot with so many fetish satisfying aspects and vanilla sex to boot! thank you so many NO4H and Phantom Renegade.

  2. Thanks for the release.

    Don't know what raw you've used, but if you went with the one from E-Hentai at some step in the editing the images have been saved with a palette format (PNG?) before leveling.
    Please keep in mind that since that format irreversibly destroys tone info it makes it impossible for anyone to fix the leveling after the fact, and is useless if you're going to save in JPG*; it has its uses, but it's best to keep it for last.

    * even worse than that, the files actually get bigger than if you didn't because then you have more high frequency components due to all the dithering.