April 13, 2012

Release 141: Doki Doki Back-Motion Yue

Neko Arcueid Brunestud's way to say goodbye to Negima is with a doujin starring the only girl who got coloured fan-service in the series: Yue.

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It was such a good character development she got... until the amnesia, that is...


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And for those interested in the RAW version...

ex-hentai Gallery


  1. She is also the only charakter that I liked in the whole manga and I am not really in to lolis but she had charakter and that is what counts. The amnesia thing was really annoying and unnecesary. At least she was represented good in the last two chapters. Sigh, ill miss her loved to see her in her in a solo manga.

  2. Yue's so hot! I wish Negi got it from the front as much as he did from the back.

    BTW, I know you're also working on the Colorful Mahora series along with a few other non-Negima doujins, but how is that new Senbon Knock doujin you guys got a few months back?

  3. Not to sound whiny, but Translation and Editing of a regular Senbon Knock doujin is a colossal task. For the time being we have no plan for those. Sorry.