April 4, 2012

Release 137: The Nagatoro Saga


Our Team's Cleaner Neko Arcueid Brunestud helped Little White Butteflies Cleaning several images of this Imageset-turned-VisualNovel.

It's actually quite interesting, check it out.


Depositfiles Part 1

Depositfiles Part 2

Depositfiles Part 3

Depostifiles Part 4


  1. All links are down.
    Could this be reuploaded somewhere?
    It looks interesting.

  2. It IS quite interesting.

    Reupload will take a while, but it will be worth it

  3. Man... I just LOVE you! They are the only links from the whole internet that still working. Thank you so much!

    I think that blog still alive, once you have posted somethings in 2017, therefore I have added it to my favorites. I really liked your blog, good pick of hentais.

    Thank you again! If you need some help with the blog you can tell me. My English may not be so good but my programming skills of course are. Just comment bellow and I will give you my email.