May 30, 2011

#9 The Road to our 50th Release


(No, this is not for Donations, so don't close the page yet.)

As you have noticed, Trinity Translations Team quickly approaches its Release #50! We're very proud of coming so far and we appreciate your preference, but now we need YOUR help.

When Trinity Translations started, it was the joint work of only three people. "Trinity Translations Team" became the name because we needed something to express this, and it has a very nice ring to it. But the Team's logo was something I cooked out of the blue, and I never gave it much thought (hence why it's a Triforce with 3 TimesNewRoman T's on it).

I'm not saying I dislike the logo. I LOVE our current logo. Pretty direct. But it's also simplistic. And what a better chance to change it that the milestone Release 50? (currently I have no idea what it'll be, it's the number and not the doujin what is important).

That's why we need YOU, person checking your Friendly Neighbourhood Translations Team! We need help making a new Logo for Trinity Translations Team.

TL,DR, we're looking for a new Logo for Trinity.

Submit your options in the Comments in this entry (along with your thoughts on the current logo). All the options will be discussed between Neko Arcueid, N04h and me, and if YOUR Logo is chosen as the winner, we will Translate whatever doujin you want (Restrictions apply).


- In case the full name of Trinity Translations Team isn't used, it MUST include 3 T's (still, try to include the full name).

- ... And I guess that's it.

Good luck everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Well, first of all, what are the restrictions? I obviously don't think I can win, but just for future reference.

    Anywho, here's my entry.