May 9, 2011

Release 38: My Neighbour's Silent Smile

In this line of work I've met, and worked with, amazing people, either since their beginnings (Genesis Translations) or with an established, known reputation (Team Vanilla).

This Release is the first step of a new Translator: Doitsujin. He's very skilled and has a bright future ahead. I wish him nothing but success.

Childhood Friend + Erotic DVD + Great Art = Fantastic Manga

This is Trinity Translations' first Manga-shot too!

You can contact Doitsujin in his Gmail account (


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  1. thanks a lot. i love your tastes

  2. Well, thanks a lot Doitsujin, and of course, thanks too Neko and Phantom Renegade :)

    That was a good translation, it had a natural flow to it, it didn't feel unnatural or pushover. In short, good job ! :D

  3. I forgot something I wanted to ask, about the credits picture...

    Then, for you guys, WHAT would be a manga that REQUIRES that you translated it ? Have you already released some of these rare gems, in your opinion ?

    I'm curious...

  4. I was mostly kidding in the Credits page there. A lot of people like this kind of short & sweet stories ("Vanilla" stories if you will), and most of those mangas are eventually translated.

    I wanted to Translate this one because I liked the art (it's VERY good, IMO), and Doitsujin wanted to Translate it because he felt it was a nice story and deserved the Translation. We heard of each other and here we are.

    Hmmm, Doujins/Mangas that have superb stories I can think of are the Evangelion RE-Take series (by Kimigabuchi), Negimaru series (Negima! doujins by Kimigabuchi again) and the Takotsuboya's K-On! trilogy we did.