May 25, 2011

Release 42: Mahou Shoujo ni Nari tai na

4chan user Toshiloki helped me Translate this non-h, 4-koma gag Madoka doujin.

Because, you know, Madoka Hentai doujins tend to get Translated 24 hours after they're released...

If you haven't watched Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica yet... what are you waiting? It's a great series.

Expect Part 2 shortly!

EDIT: Updated a minor mistake in Page 17 (Daisuke =/= Kyousuke).


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  1. OMG!! cover sooooo kawaiiiiii :3

  2. "Because, you know, Madoka Hentai doujins tend to get Translated 24 hours after they're released..."

    But the yuri ones are neglected! Would you have an interest in transating "CITRON RIBBON 30"?

    It's hard to find free RAW of pure yuri for MSMM. I can't read Japanese, but if there're enthusiasm in translation I'd buy and scan more myself.

  3. Many thanks for the release, the download is still underway but from the previews it looks a fun read.

    I agree with you about the Madoka doujins. However for some reason a number of ones about Mami are being neglected, but probably it's best to wait a month or so after release in case they're in the pipeline of some other group.

  4. Can't say I like straight H for anything yuri, so this is better than H Madoka to me =)

  5. Yeah, I'm not into yuri or H stuff (especially the loli kind) either. So finding a Madoka doujin like this is really refreshing for me.
    I'm really looking forward to part 2~

    Thank so much for the doujinshi!

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone.

    @Anon #2

    I took a look to the doujin. It's pretty good, but we're kinda booked for Translations at the moment. Let me ask around some people I know to see if there's anyone who would like to help.

  7. @Anon #2

    Helloo, DarkRockslizer here.

    I in fact did a lousy translation on this some while ago already.
    Eat it up.