May 30, 2011

Release 45: Mahora Houshi

Today we have a Negima! doujin. Omega is an independant Scanner who offered us a Direct-to-English Release, and that was pretty cool of him.
You don't know how much you need it until you see Asakura and Akira in one-piece swimsuits.


Megaupload Link

e-hentai Gallery



    Wrathkal from LWB here, you don't mind if I translate this one, right?

    Posting here since... I dunno, easiest?

  2. Cool. Go ahead.

    You need help to Edit it? I would love to have it as a LWB + Trinity Collaboration.

  3. Yeah, I don't mind making it a collaboration. You've been to the LWB forums, right? I'll just post it there in the Needs Editing.

  4. I had never been to the Forums, but I got a free account and logged, but the only topics I can see are Applications for joining LWB. I must be a member of the Team to use the forums?

  5. Need to ask Nashrakh or Imari to give you access then. Just post in the Recruiting forums for them to notice.

  6. Ok, I made my Application thread.

    Hope you understand, Trinity is my Team, but I wouldn't mind giving you guys a hand.

    (If anything should happen, you can always just send me the Script of the Negima doujin and that would be that).