May 31, 2011

Release 46: Ai ga HoroHoro 1

Today we have a Spice & Wolf doujin where Kraft and Horo find themselves on a very unique European Festival.

Horo's Love is alive and well.

We're still looking for a new Logo! Participate people! You've got nothing to lose and a Translation to gain!

I like exclamations!

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  1. Love the translations hopefully you get to Tatoeba Konna Fantasy some day oldies always the best. :D

  2. I've been wondering, how exactly does your process work from when you have multiple doujins to work with? Do some take priorities over others? Do you try to upload different series at a time? I'm asking this because I've notived that there are some stories that have been up on the future releases page for at least a month.

  3. @2nd Anon

    We'll take a look.

    @3rd Anon

    Trinity Translations is a from-fans-fer-fans thing. We Translate doujins of a variety of series because we like a variety of series (though I agree about half of our work is Negima! related). The Artstyle plays a important role, too.

    "Future Releases" announces both Trinity-only Translations as well as Collaborations:

    - The doujins on top are the ones we're actively working on, you can see they're the ones who get their status updated faster.

    - The doujins in the middle are projects that are either on hold, or something we found got a higher priority (DMLW2 is giving our Cleaner's sleepless nights because of the Cleaning he has to do, while Sailor Mariner's Kanzenban... well, I liked Pururun Pai beter).

    - The bottom ones are Collaborations. Currently we're working with Doitsujin in them, but you've got to understand, as an independant Translator he doesn't have an strict delivery date to stick to.